Senior Localization Project Manager

Essential duties and responsibilities;

Project management

· Successfully delivers projects to assigned clients, within quality, profitability and schedule targets.

· Liaise with the delivery team to support the successful execution of project management tasks

· Create project plans and take responsibility for the costs of all project tasks from the quotation stage through to project completion.

· Identify and define the full scope of a project from the perspective of tasks and revenue.

· Monitor of project budgets and ensure timely issuance of invoices.

· Maintain healthy project margins and remain cognizant of project costs and margins.

· Take responsibility for the costs of all project tasks from the quotation stage through to project completion.

· Manage and monitor time, workflow, budget, quality, KPIs.

· Closely monitor vendor costs to ensure project profit targets are achieved.

· Provide quotes using quoting guidelines.

· Ensure project risks are analyzed, and a mitigation plan is in place.

· Ensure that your projects are delivered within the agreed deadline by planning and monitoring your projects and assessing risk to put contingencies in place where necessary.

· Identify gaps and/or project inefficiencies along with definition and execution of corrective course of action.

· Assign and monitor team members’ work along with performance evaluation.

· Lead internal/external meetings including but not limited to regular production sync ups, report outs, quarterly business reviews, post-mortems, etc.

· Create and maintain project/process documentation.

· Terminology management – follow the agreed processes, ensure the correct creation, management, and archiving of terminology for all relevant projects.

· Follow the agreed processes, keeping a translation memory for all your clients and ensuring that they are all clean and up-to-date, correctly labeled, and stored in an appropriate place.

· Work with a sense of urgency, agility, flexibility, and with a will-do attitude.

· Other duties as may reasonably be requested from time to time.

Client management

· Take the appropriate steps to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business.

· Proactively develop client relationships by learning about clients' industry, identify client needs, and continuous improvement opportunities by sharing expertise and knowledge to exceed client expectations and grow the business in cooperation with the commercial team.

· Maintain healthy relationships with clientele along with timely report-outs and communication.

· Serve as a point of contact for client complaints along with providing input on corrective action plans, and informing the Program Manager.

· Consider your client as either being an external end client or it could be the person who asked you to manage a task for them.

· Keep that client informed of progress and projects issues as appropriate.

· Initiate and attending calls with clients.

· Work closely with your direct manager / commercial team to identify further streams of revenue.

· Work with the commercial team to advise them on project requirements for businesses they are trying to win and will attend commercial team meetings where necessary.

· Follow the agreed process when onboarding new clients.

· Suggest new client onboarding process improvements.

· Be responsible for making use of all available technology to maximize efficiency on client accounts.


· Collaborate with colleagues in different time zones.

· Communicate clearly and professionally regardless of audience.

· Attend calls with suppliers (linguists, DTP specialists, engineers, etc.), clients, and other departments as required.

People management

· Anticipate and communicate resource needs.

· Be responsible for completing the onboarding process for any new employee that joins your team.

· Be responsible for assessing the skills and knowledge of your team members and identifying any areas for training.

o Training must then be organized and carried out and the results of the training assessed.

· Be responsible for setting and monitoring KPIs and objectives for your team members.

· Coach and mentor delivery team members ensuring they are professionally developing their skills and knowledge and learning client- or project-specific requirements.

· Carry out regular 1:1 meetings with team members as well as ad hoc, monthly, quarterly, and project and employee development meetings as required.

· Be responsible for carrying out the appraisal process for each of your team members.

· Be responsible for ensuring that your team members have a manageable workload and that there are no risks to client deliveries due to their time demands (this includes finding cover for sickness and absence).


· Understand the company’s processes and procedures and adhere to them.

· Proactively contribute to the improvement of systems and procedures by identifying issues and proposing solutions.

· Use the company’s project management system and translation tools to enhance quality and productivity.

· Proactively identify opportunities for continuous process, workflow, and margin improvements for individual projects, clients, and the Operations teams.

· Self-evaluation – proactively seek training or guidance from your direct manager.

· Create tools and checklists and participate in the testing of new technology solutions to improve project management processes and tools.

· When the need arises, be responsible for carrying out training to either your colleagues, clients, or vendors for any technology or process you are asking them to use for the benefit of your projects.


· Make sure that the quality of deliverables is in line with or above the clients’ expectations by monitoring the quality of work done by your project team and being responsible for the end quality of the work done by them.

· Timely escalate of any issues or concerns to your direct manager and/or appropriate departments, work closely with these to bring any issues to a successful conclusion.

· Liaise with your direct manager for any doubts you may have and will take full responsibility to immediately escalate any issues that arise on projects.

· Liaise with quality team to develop program quality strategies.

· Deal with any client complaints (investigating the issues and suggest corrective and preventive actions) appropriately and in line with the complaint procedure.

Supply chain

· Communicate the needs for supplier recruitment.

· Follow the correct procedures for using the supplier database and ensure that it is kept up-to-date with relevant supplier information, by reporting changes to Supply Chain Department or updating the records on your own.


Education, skills, and experience

· Minimum Degree level education.

· At least 5 years’ experience in a project management role in the language services industry.

· Proven experience managing complex projects successfully.

· Excellent organizational skills, detail-oriented and a positive, proactive mindset to problem-solving.

· Proven ability to multi-task, prioritize, and lead others in a fast-paced work environment.

· Excellent people and interpersonal skills with a demonstrated experience of leading teams through complex projects.

· Strong track record in using CAT, project management, and localization management tools and applications.

· Commercial, negotiation, and financial skills to analyze and control costs to maximize profitability.

· Strong computer skills, experience in Office 365 and other Microsoft applications.

· Previous experience in translation, CAT tools, and localization is advantageous.

· Superior written and communication English skills with demonstrated experience of active participation in client review meetings.

· Must be able to effectively communicate with senior management levels both internally and with clients.

· Proven ability to effectively prepare and present reports, business information, correspondence and procedures and respond to questions from clients, stakeholders, and teams.

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