·         Establish and/or sign off the standard processes to be followed by QA Specialists and Reviewers.

·         Help establish and follow best practices to ensure good quality is delivered to our clients.

·         Work closely with Project Management to ensure the best processes are chosen for each project, considering the specific needs of such project (in terms of time, cost and workflow.)

·         Help train, instruct and educate vendors on expectations in terms of final quality and processes; align on corrections to make sure the same quality is delivered by all teams/vendors.

·         Recommend the process of auditing of the external vendors’ deliveries.

·         Guide the external vendors on their process, track their quality and improvement trends.

·         Evaluate, analyze and answer feedback from client to establish mistakes or preferential changes and decide on the steps to follow.


Position Requirements

·         Great attitude and willingness to work with different groups (vendor, Project Management, Vendor Management, Language Leads) with team-spirit, with a focus on delivering good quality.

·         Cooperate with the Language Lead in their efforts to continuously improve reference material by suggesting changes or additions as a result of analysis of linguists’ errors or clients’ complaints.

·         Establish what is considered good quality for the different types of projects.

·         Analyze linguistic complaints from clients to establish if these are preferential in nature or errors and help establish the following steps.

·         Find ways to establish and improve processes to reach the overall goal of the department and the company, with a proactive approach.

·         Carry on audits to ensure the continuous delivery of high quality.

·         Carry on analysis of quality reports and feedback from clients to improve processes and standards.

Formal Education and Certification

·         Minimum 4-year college degree or equivalent experience.

Knowledge and Experience

·         Minimum 4-year experience.

·         Advanced computer skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, Adobe, and CAT tools.

·         Bilingual language fluency, written and spoken.

·         KO and/or JA fluency.

·         Client facing experience.

Personal Attributes

·         Solid time management and organization skills.

·         Ability to manage tasks according to established policies.

·         Responsiveness and commitment to address client concerns in a timely and complete manner.

·         Ability to prioritize and multi-task.

·         Attention to detail with emphasis on accuracy.

·         Commitment to accuracy and excellent product/service delivery.

·         Ability to identify errors and discrepancies in product and client requirements.

·         Be willing to accept feedback and act accordingly after receiving it.

·         Positive attitude and proactive approach towards work.

·         Good rapport with team members and collaborators.

Send Application or Questions to

[email protected]

Accepting Applications Until

28 June 2021