Application Instructions: Please send a complete resume explaining how your specific skills match our job description to David Utrilla at [email protected].


SUMMARY: Handles and masters the technology used in the translation process of projects to increase productivity of vendors, translation quality, and meeting client’s needs in any other form during projects. This also includes making client files translatable and ensuring that the final product is produced to the client needs. Takes lead of connecting the world of technology to translation, researching new linguistical tech developments to make the company relevant in the translation industry.





  1. Prepares projects to be quoted and translated. Will involve file conversion, creating working files, OCR, OCR clean-up, extraction of text, images, etc.
  2. When needed, provides team members analysis for projects through TM Software.
  3. Trains vendors on how to use technologies needed for projects.
  4. Responds to vendors’ questions about technology used in translation project. i.e., CAT Tools, E-learning, machine translation, subtitling, etc. This includes during on-going projects.
  5. Takes the lead in projects that are technology-related, i.e., E-Learning, software localization, string translation, QTI, website translation, video game localization, UX translation, course review, subtitling integration, script writing, algorithms, etc. Handles and manages these projects, including integration of translations and software needed.
  6. Verifies and prepares the projects to be delivered to the client.
  7. Works with TM Software Support to address problems or update TM Software as instructed.
  8. Manages translations memories. (Includes: creation, updating, fixing, transferring, and any other services to the TM)
  9. Implementing TM’s that clients already have or creating alignments/TM’s from client previous translation work.
  10. Integrates knowledge of software, hardware, and IT in translation needs.
  11. Searches, manages, monitors, and trains machine translation engines for automated translation services.
  12.  Researches and learns new technologies that can make translation processes more efficient or possible. Gives updates to those who request the research and coordinates with others for feasibility and implementation.
  13.  Participates in trainings, webinars and demos of different technologies/applications related to the translation industry as a whole and gives reports to ensure that the company is relevant.
  14.  Communicates with GALA, Commonsense Advisory, and other data groups to assist in researching new technology.
  15.  Ensures that the team complies with client requirements for integrity of data.
  16.  Assists in project coordination and account management if needed.
  17.  Assists with the sales rep and/or account manager in selling services, especially regarding services more tech focused.
  18.  Oversees maintenance of the Project Management System (PMS) and therefore helps the PMS Manager.
  19.  Must be capable of working under periodic stressful conditions, flexible and adaptable.
  20.  Must maintain confidentiality, privacy of data, and honesty in all work.




Education, Experience, and Knowledge


Experience in the translation/localization industry preferred. A Bachelors Degree with background in linguistics or technology. Needs to be bilingual (any language in addition to English). Need to be able to communicate over the phone, email, video call, to people from around the world.


Desired Skills and Abilities:


  1. Passionate about languages and technology.
  2. Independently seek out, learn, and instruct team members on use of new technologies.
  3. Ability to quickly learn new technologies to optimize translations.
  4. Has knowledge of CAT Tools and how they work.
  5. Basic knowledge of how to format documents.
  6. Basic understanding of coding.
  7. Bilingual (any language in addition to English).
  8. Will be expected to conduct phone and video calls with people located around the world.
  9. Able to manage complex projects.
  10. Fast-learner.
  11. Self-sufficient and proactive.
  12. Works well in teams.
  13. Communicates well with others.
  14. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office required
  15. Professional email etiquette and quick response time required
  16. Does not cyberloaf (please note that cyberloafing will not be tolerated).
  17. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  18. Has a typing speed of 60 WPM or higher.




Physical requirements are limited but the person must be able to sit for long hours working at a computer screen, have good vision, and good eye-hand coordination.  Must have full function of two hands, good hearing, and good speaking capabilities.

Send Application or Questions to

[email protected]

Accepting Applications Until

31 August 2021


Salt Lake City, Utah