French Legal Translator


Our client is a Translation company translating documents into Canada’s official languages. They produce translations in French and in English for high-profile organizations like the Government of Canada, private corporations, and independent organizations.
Job Summary
Legal French translators specialize in legal-related document translation from English to French.

100% remote role.
Role Overview
Translators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Translate a variety of written legal material
  • Accurately convey the content, context, tone, and style of the source text using means natural to the target language
  • Conduct terminological research on a given subject, suggest terminology and create and contribute to translation memory banks, glossaries, lexicons, and terminology databases
  • Revise, proofread, verify and correct texts translated by other translators
  • Train, supervise and consult other translators
  • Communicate with authors, originators, clients, resource persons, etc


  • French language native speaker proficiency
  • Degree in Canadian Law
  • +2 years experience translating judgments and/or court decisions or other legal documents
  • Familiar with TERMIUM
  • Experience using Trados
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