English to French Translator

Our client is a Translation company translating documents into Canada’s official languages. They produce translations in French and in English for high-profile organizations like the Government of Canada, private corporations, and independent organizations.
Job Summary
French translators specialize in document translation from English to French in various formats and fields of specialization.

100% remote role.
Role Overview
Translators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Translate a variety of written material such as administration and management, reports, correspondence, legal documents, work descriptions, speeches, media lines, publications, letters, memoranda, questionnaires, financial, scientific, and technical reports, minutes of meetings and conferences, technical specifications and other texts
  • Accurately convey the content, context, tone, and style of the source text using means natural to the target language
  • Conduct terminological research on a given subject, suggest terminology and create and contribute to translation memory banks, glossaries, lexicons, and terminology databases
  • Revise, proofread, verify and correct texts translated by other translators
  • Train, supervise and consult other translators
  • Communicate with authors, originators, clients, resource persons, etc.


  • French language native speaker proficiency
  • Degree in translation or a degree in related disciplines.
  • +3 years experience as a full-time translator working for the Canadian Government.
  • Familiar with TERMIUM 
  • Experience using Trados
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