Ushuaia Solutions starts a new Quality Assurance Program in 2023 

Ushuaia Solutions, an international company compliant with ISO 17100:2015 Quality Standards, announces the creation of a new QA Program to reinforce the company’s commitment to improving localization processes and maximizing customer satisfaction

Eugenia Conti, experienced translator and project manager, is responsible for the creation, implementation and analysis of the QA Program. Conti joined Ushuaia Solutions in 2022 and has been a key part of the Language Team, participating as Language Lead, and now as QA Program Manager. 

“This new position as a QA Program Manager is definitely a professional challenge that I’m willing and happy to take. But it’s not just a personal challenge. I’ll be working side by side with other areas of Ushuaia Solutions, such as Vendor Management and Operations,” says Conti about her new role. 

Agustina Di Prátula, CEO of Ushuaia Solutions, agrees with Conti: “The implementation of the new QA Program will definitely be a team effort. Eugenia will be in charge of the survey and review of our current processes and the constant analysis of quality standards. But the whole team will be part of the improvement.” 

The QA Program will redefine and maintain the evaluation, control methods and processes to ensure compliance with quality requirements and, at the same time, make sure the language teams are performing at their highest level, especially in Ushuaia’s current growth setting. 


About Ushuaia Solutions

Ushuaia Solutions is an international company with more than 20 years in the language service industry. It is certified to conform to the requirements of the international ISO 17100:2015 Quality Management standards. 

Ushuaia Solutions blends linguistic, technical and cultural requirements to offer optimized translation solutions and content creation services. 

Ushuaia Solutions can be reached at its headquarters both in Latin America and Europe: [email protected]