Two New Translation Postgraduate Certificates Launched at London Metropolitan University

From September 2021, two new Translation Postgraduate Certificates will be launched at London Metropolitan University (UK), i.e. the Specialised Translation PG Cert & the Translation Technology PG Cert.

The Specialised Translation PG Cert offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience in a range of specialized translation areas including medicine, law, IT, politics, advertising and business. It is the ideal course for practising translators who wish to enhance their career opportunities and employability in the translation industry. The course is offered in the following languages, all paired with English: Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The Translation Technology PG Cert is specifically designed for professional translators or suitably-qualified graduates who wish to learn how to use translation environment tools (TEnTs), localize websites and software programs as well as practise using subtitling tools. The course is offered in the following language combinations: English into French, Italian and Spanish; plus French, Italian and Spanish into English.

To learn more about the courses:

Specialised Translation - PG Cert 

Translation Technology - PG Cert