New department for software development at itl

itl AG has responded to the radical changes brought about by digitalization by setting up its own development department.

With the new "Software & Solutions" software development department, itl intends to channel its process expertise in translation, technical documentation and terminology consulting into software solutions that support itl’s customers on their way to digitalization. Development projects have been in existence at itl for many years but were previously located in the production departments.

New tasks in software development

This new department is currently working intensively on the continued development of the two tools already in use: the commercial language management platform [i]-match and the translation management platform [i]-flow. The latter consists of a customer portal, a review portal as well as a project management client and potential extensions.

In addition to these two existing in-house developments, interfaces will be programmed in the future to enable customer systems to network with itl systems. The aim is to automate data exchange and communication in times of ever smaller information units and to minimize expenditures. Content delivery and continuous localization are the keywords that are a priority in this context. In addition, all development at itl is now taking place in the MS Azure Cloud. One focus is on cloud-native development.

Head of the Software Department

The software department with its international staff is headed by the Director of Software Development Bastian Heilemann, an experienced software developer who took over the management of the newly founded "Software & Solutions" department at itl AG on October 1, 2020. Heilemann, a graduate in mathematics, has been with itl since 2018, where he developed the Language Management Platform [i]-match as a cloud-native application. As Director of Software Development, he is now responsible for establishing the development department. In this position, Bastian Heilemann will drive the new department towards state-of-the-art agile development methods and will continue to promote the principle "API First".

How to reach Bastian Heilemann:

Phone: 089 892623-723

e-mail: [email protected](dot)eu

More information: itl AG – Software development: Our Approach