MT-FAKTOR® from itl: the benchmark for machine translation, now explained in a video

The MT-FAKTOR® from itl has been a registered brand name in the German trademark register since October 23rd, 2019 and is now part of the routine at itl. It has already served as a decision-making aid for numerous clients as to whether the quality of machine translation can reduce the cost and duration of translation projects.

In addition, the MT-FAKTOR® can be used to compare various MT providers to determine the provider with the highest translation quality. If however the quality of available providers is insufficient, itl can train specialised MT engines to precisely tailor them to the texts to be translated. 

With the help of the MT-FAKTOR®, itl has already successfully integrated machine translation into the translation process for more than 50 % of our customers.

Success with major customers

 Thilo Pawelka (localisation engineer & MT specialist) on the success of the MT-FAKTOR®:

„Thanks to the MT-FAKTOR®, we quickly realised that generic MT providers were less suitable for the terminology laden catalogue texts of one of our innovative major customers. We then used the MT-FAKTOR® as a yardstick in the selection of a suitable trainable MT engine and also for determining the optimal preparation of the input material. With this specific training, we were able to achieve an MT-FAKTOR® increase of between 15 to 30%, depending on the language, thus enabling our customer to benefit from the advantages of machine translation."

The MT-FAKTOR® explained in the video

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, itl has created a short video explaining the principle of the MT-FAKTOR® to encourage even more interested parties to have their content tested for MT suitability.

To the video: Machine Translation and the MT-FAKTOR® - itl explains

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