Locdoc.io - Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content

The Locdoc.io - Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content

AI as your Service.


November 25, 2021 | Virtual Event - Locdoc.io Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content is an event powered by a team of highly qualified and internationally renowned consultants and experts for the entire localization industry regardless of whether you are an LSP, LSC, MLV or a freelancer.


What is synthetic media?

AI-based models can now produce and manipulate audiovisuals with an extremely realistic outcome. The result of this process is a new category of images, text, audio, videos, and data generated by algorithms called synthetic media. It is possible to generate faces and places that don’t exist and even create a digital voice avatar that mimics human speech in several different languages.

AI as your Service. 

Throughout this experience, you will discover that small and medium-sized organizations can easily adapt their traditional language services, towards true digital transformation for themselves and their customers.

What will you learn?

  1. Multilingual synthetic content
  2. Transforming traditional language services
  3. Become a text to video language company
  4. How to sell multilingual synthetic content
  5. Translation vs Multilingual AI text adaptation
  6. Copywriting and AI content Creation
  7. Text to speech recognition
  8. Offer your customers natural and synthetic voiceover
  9. Use cases



With the help of our speakers, we will tackle these topics in a how-to, interactive format that will show you how you can easily adapt these solutions to your company or organization. Our speakers are experts from diverse branches of the synthetic content topic to offer you more perspectives: video, with Daniel Verten from Synthesia, audio, with Sherry Low from the Acapela Group, and text, with Kaisar Dauletbek from Texta and Frederik Pederson from EasyTranslate. However, the panel isn’t complete without Andre Hemker, who will share with you his insights on video localization, Mário Júnior, tech language solution consultant, and our moderator and industry researcher Konstantin Dranch.


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