Localization Teams and Psychological Safety

  • What is psychological safety?
  • How does psychological safety work in practice?
  • What makes psychological safety so important for localization teams?
  • What aspects need special attention while managing localization teams?

"When I teach the Localization Teams Master Class, I often think about how management principles apply in particular to localization. For some new ideas and to broaden my perspective, I turned to Minette Normanco-author of The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human.

How does psychological safety work in practice?

Minette: It doesn’t happen unless people feel that they can actually bring their unique perspective, their unique voice, or an experience that they’ve had. I truly believe that psychological safety is the foundation of inclusive teams, and that means inclusive to all aspects of diversity, including multicultural teams. The reason it’s so important is that everyone has a unique perspective to add; they have unique skills, they have unique life experiences, and they have different ways of thinking."

Excerpt from Approaching Inclusion Through Psychological Safety:
Ideas for Localization 
instructor Mimi Hills interview with Minette Norman. 
The print and eBook versions of The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human by Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman, are available for preorder now, and the audiobook narrated by Minette Norman, will be available close to the official publication date of February 22, 2023.

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Illustrations Copyright: © Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman, The Psychological Safety Playbook.
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Minnete Norman is the co-author of The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human  
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