idioma® Launches CrossCheck®, a Comprehensive Online QA Process

Tokyo, December 2020 - idioma Co., Ltd. has launched CrossCheck®, an online Quality Assurance service enabling translators, LSPs and international organizations to comprehensively check translated content for errors. Unlike standard QA checkers, CrossCheck® uses morphology algorithms and employs AI to offer powerful and unique features.

In addition to spotting formal errors such as omissions, number or punctuation errors, terminology mistakes, and consistency issues, CrossCheck® includes the following exclusive features to help translators, LSPs and project managers of international organizations to guard against errors in translated content:

  • Warnings of unedited machine-translated content
  • Glossary checking using advanced morphology
  • Checking of consistency in nominal phrases (partial text segments)
  • Checking for untranslated text
  • User-defined checking patterns
  • Deliver proof of QA process to end clients with CrossCheck® Seal
  • And much more…

CrossCheck® is available as an online service hosted in Europe and bound by the EU’s strict GDPR rules. It offers free trials to users who are then encouraged to sign up for a paid account as an independent translator, LSP or project manager of an international organization. Developed by idioma®, CrossCheck® has been used as a mandatory part of the company’s own Quality Assurance process for decades. It also helps idioma® comply with its ISO9001, ISO17100, and ISO18587 certifications.

Increasing translation volumes, shortened delivery terms, and growing demands on the quality of translation in today’s translation industry have made Quality Assurance tools an indispensable aid for everyone involved in the translation process. For international companies, maintaining processes that make sure translated content is correct and free from embarrassing mistakes can be a challenge. CrossCheck® can reassure such organizations that a reliable QA process is in place and simple mistakes have been eliminated before they turn into costly blunders. CrossCheck® checks millions of words for us every month, and it supports all languages based on the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets,” said John O’Connor company spokesperson.

CrossCheck® can be reached at

About idioma®:

idioma Co., Ltd. is a multi-language services provider with 40 years of experience serving clients in export-driven industries and life science manufacturers worldwide. With its head office in Tokyo, Japan, overseas sales offices, and a large production and development center in Prague, Czech Republic. idioma® integrates perseverance combined with dedication, an attitude for constant improvement of the Japanese culture – Kaizen – to its work ethic. Upon the start of a new project, our dedicated project managers will provide on-hand consulting and coordinate your translation projects with the utmost care. Additional information about idioma® can be found at

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