Evaluating transatlantic data streams

Karlsbad, January 12, 2021. Last summer, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) annulled the transatlantic data protection agreement of 2016, known as the Privacy Shield, while at the same time confirming the effectiveness of standard contractual clauses. This has led to an urgent need for companies to evaluate their data transfers. Transatlantic cooperation on a legally sound basis has thus become a task of even greater complexity. As a translation management system provider, Across Systems GmbH offers a secure solution for your translation management – with hosting in Germany.

With the Privacy Shield overturned, companies will need to negotiate individual standard contractual clauses with transatlantic contractual partners. This also includes any support arrangements, as these constitute processing activities that are relevant under data protection law and that must be authorized through the strict requirements of standard contractual clauses.

Transfer of data to the United States in a manner that is in compliance with the law has thus become significantly more elaborate and entails many complicated uncertainties.

After careful analysis of the data transfers to be made, European companies are now advised to keep such transfers within the EU to ensure continued transparency and security.

Across, translation management with hosting in Germany

These are times of great upheaval, with political and legal changes having a significant impact on the markets. Such upheaval also affects translation management. In the area of translation management in particular, a great deal of data is transferred and spread across a variety of participants in the supply chain. Across offers you a secure, reliable solution. As a reliable provider based in Germany, we are ready to assist you in securely mapping your data streams. With Across, hosting and support take place in Germany, within the European Union.


About Across Systems GmbH

With its smart software solutions, Across Systems assists enterprises and translators worldwide in successfully processing their translation projects. Customers from diverse industries use the Across Language Server and the Across Translator Edition to tackle their daily challenges when localizing technical documentation or marketing texts (e.g., in the field of e-commerce).

The activities of Across Systems around the globe are managed from the company headquarters in Karlsbad near Karlsruhe, Germany. To align its solutions with user requirements, the software manufacturer closely collaborates with three advisory boards – the Corporate Advisory Board, the LSP Advisory Board, and the Translators’ Advisory Board – as well as with a dedicated user group.

Use of the Across technology enables the implementation of transparent translation processes with a high degree of automation and maximum information security. Interacting systems can easily be connected with the help of interfaces. This saves time for what matters – the creation of high-quality content in multiple languages. 

Further information on Across Systems GmbH is available at https://www.across.net/en