Creative AI sells 100% of the share capital to Creative Words, a leading translation services provider based in Italy

On 22 August 2022 Creative Words announced the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Creative AI, an innovative startup providing human-created data used in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

After co-founding the startup with two partners in April 2021, Diego Cresceri, also founder of Creative Words, acquires all stock in Creative AI, adding data for AI to the Creative Words’ service offering. 

The acquisition will release new resources for Creative AI and create new synergies, allowing both companies to grow further and better serve our customers”, says Diego Cresceri. 

Creative Words is a localization and content management company headquartered in Genoa, Italy, offering all-round language services, including translation and localization, transcreation, machine translation and post-editing, as well as multimedia services. 

Creative AI provides data collection, annotation and validation services, serving customer worldwide with the provision of text, audio and video data to train artificial intelligence algorithms.