Cleverly automate your translation processes - ElanionTM connect, the new cloud connector from Across Systems.

Karlsbad, October 15, 2021. Across Systems GmbH is rolling out a new interface technology in the form of cloud-based connector Elanion™ connect. This connector links SaaS and on-premise content management systems to existing translation management systems in a whole new way. Companies can use a central platform to quickly set up, manage, and update a variety of different interfaces to Across Language Server.

“Many of our customers are looking for greater automation in their translation processes. The new cloud-based solution now makes this possible for those who previously shied away from the effort and expense required to set up and maintain the various interfaces,” says Christian Weih-Sum, member of the Management Board at  Across.

Modern translations require a high degree of automation to guarantee efficient, smooth processes and good quality in 2021. However, translation processes within a translation management system almost always require integration with upstream content systems to take automation to the next level. Whether editorial or content management systems, solutions for e-commerce, or ERP: the number of systems is growing all the time, and with it the complexity of interface management. To reduce the amount of administrative work involved, Elanion™ connect serves as the central middleware between the Across Language Server and upstream content systems.


Secure data transmission and fast setup

It usually takes just a few minutes to successfully set up an interface in ElanionTM connect. The new cloud middleware makes it much faster and easier to integrate content systems into translation management than with conventional connectors. The increased efficiency of the translation processes saves companies both time and money.

To meet the highest standards in terms of security, the servers are hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. This central hosting location at the very heart of Europe enables unparalleled performance, flexibility, and protection of confidential content.

To discover even more reasons why you should accelerate the automation of your translation processes as well as which systems you can connect to your translation management system using Elanion™ connect, go to