BeLazy paving the way towards virtual project management

BeLazy has released its second software update in 2021, taking the platform from an integration hub to a system that deploys virtual project managers. The existing connectors between systems have now evolved reaching new heights and allowing project managers to automate the translation workflow from start to finish and greatly scale their operating capacity.

Amid the most important developments are workflow mapping and project bundling. The first allows mapping workflow steps in vendor portals or translation management systems to those in a business management system. The second one enables bundling multiple opportunities and turning them into a single project. This way, it’s now easier to distribute translation jobs smartly and optimize requirements towards translators while keeping your company profitable.

The list of other improvements to the existing integrations is extensive, including updates for Memsource, Protemos, Liondbridge TMS, RWS Symlite, RWS Symfonie, and Welocalize Junction. This release also brings the workflow and job creation functionality in Plunet on par with XTRF. 

Finally, this release features a new integration with Lionbridge JIRA, which makes it possible to accept and pick up jobs in this system supported by Lionbridge.

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About BeLazy

BeLazy is a technology platform for streamlining and automating the receipt, management, and delivery of translation projects from multiple translation management systems and vendor portals to bring efficiency into dealing with small, repeating translation jobs.