Agenor Hofmann-Delbor joins 3di as new Head of Localization

3di Information Solutions is delighted to announce that Agenor Hofmann-Delbor has joined 3di as Head of Localization.

In his new position, Agenor will be building the in-house team of localization engineers and project managers, as well as its network of specialist translators, and leading 3di’s internationalization and localization consultancy; helping our software and technology customers prepare for and achieve efficient multi-lingual localization.

Agenor brings nearly two decades of localization experience to 3di. He will be a familiar face to many working in the translation and localization industry. He’s trained translators and software developers in Poland, organised the Translation and Localization Conference, and published a book on software localization.

On joining 3di, Agenor said “As the founder and organiser of the Translation and Localization Conference, I have always tried to bring the localization industry and the world of technical communication closer together, as I am convinced that only through one process can they genuinely contribute to a successful end product. The experience that 3di offers in bringing these fields together is truly unique on the market. I hope that by supporting the company with my experience in software localization and internationalization, I will help bring to life a whole new generation of services for companies that intend to maintain their documentation wisely and adapt their services to the needs of different markets.

Paul Ballard, Managing Director of 3di Information Solution, has commented on Agenor joining the 3di team. “My colleagues and I have already got a good sense of what working with Agenor is going to be like: he is open and has a calm confidence, backed up by a seriously big brain that’s been deep-diving in localization for 20 years. He is helping us all raise our game, and making us feel smart while we do it. We are very excited about the contribution Agenor will be able to make to the team, and our customers.

For more information, contact 3di Information Solutions at [email protected], or by calling 01483211533