Board Candidate, 2024-2025 Term

Sudheen Mookola

Sudheen Mookola

President, Crystal Hues Limited | India | LinkedIn

"Can my 20+ years of entrepreneurship with language, technology make a difference? Would love to make that happen with you."


An industry association can help organizations prepare for challenges that lie ahead. What do you think are our industry’s greatest challenges and how can an association like GALA make a difference?

The fast evolving ecosystem with the advent of GenAI and its large scale adoption requires education and engagement with both the end-users and the language service providers to ensure effective sustainable adoption and implementation. It is imperative that the end-users understand implications and the right adoption mechanism. It is even more important that the language service providers adopt the right strategies to stay relevant and deliver meaningful services that adds value to the end-users.

How have you engaged with GALA as a member?

I have been an active member of GALA since 2008 and attend the annual conferences and knowledge-share activities. I have also been collaborating with GALA members for various business opportunities. As President of CITLoB (language industry association in India), I have been engaging with GALA officials to promote GALA activities among the CITLoB members.

Are there other ways you engage with our industry?

I am President of CITLoB (Confederation of Interpreting and Localisation Businesses) with over 40 LSP members and 150+ language professionals. I have also organised language industry conference Samvād, the largest in South Asia with participants from across the globe. Also established partnership with GALA, ATC, EUATC, Women in Localization, LocLunch and many others.

Do you have board or other strategic leadership experience in our industry or other areas?

I have been in Board positions in CITLoB since 2018 and as its President since 2022. I am serial founder and sit on the board of four companies which includes an LSP, an advertising company, a holistic development ecosystem for school students, and a NGO-support ecosystem (charitable organisation).

If elected, which segment(s) of GALA's membership will you represent? What perspective will you bring?

I would like to represent the South Asia segment along with a strong perspective on Asia. The growing Asian market is of deep interest to end-users of language services who are looking at access and delivery capabilities.

Do you have any special skills to bring to the Board?

I bring in my skills in marketing, standards and technology.