E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

Annual Conference

GALA launched its Language of Business conference series in 2009. The 3-day annual conference has been held in cities across Europe and North America and draws delegates from across the globe to learn, share, and network. With attendance of up to 500 registrants annually, it has become one of the regular gathering places for professionals in the translation and localization sector.

The GALA conference has earned a reputation for being an open, inclusive place to learn with peers. It has a collaborative atmosphere and a buoyant, energetic vibe. It is one of GALA’s most successful programs.

The next GALA conference will be held 12-15 September 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.  


Past Conferences
GALA 2020: San Diego, USA - CANCELLED due to COVID-19
GALA 2019: Munich, Germany
GALA 2018: Boston, USA
GALA 2017: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
GALA 2016: New York, USA
GALA 2015: Sevilla, Spain
GALA 2014: Istanbul, Turkey
GALA 2013: Miami Beach, USA
GALA 2012: Monte Carlo, Monaco
GALA 2011: Lisbon, Portugal
GALA 2010: Prague, Czech Republic
GALA 2009: Cancun, Mexico