Meet the Board Candidates, 2022-2023 Term

The Board of Directors sets GALA’s strategic direction and works to ensure the organization's value is well-defined and widely understood. 

Serving on the Board requires deep industry knowledge, foresight, and a collaborative approach. It requires an unwavering belief that GALA serves an essential role in the global language industry and that it has a bright future. GALA stands out as a diverse professional community and our Board should reflect that diversity. 

Each member organization receives one vote in Board elections. We ask our members to review the candidates and be prepared to vote for three individuals for the upcoming term.

Meet the Candidates

We asked each of the candidate's to prepare a statement addressing the following question:

In GALA's 20 years, the language industry has matured. What are our industry's greatest challenges today, and how can GALA help members meet those challenges?

Britta Aagaard
Chief Business Officer, Semantix
Located in: Denmark | LinkedIn

"My ambition is to further develop a new paradigm for the language industry through collaboration and meaningful conversations."

Dave Bryant
CEO, Dotsub
Located in: USA | LinkedIn

"I will make sure the strategy and planning aspects of GALA are secure and I will also make sure that the future is explored."

Indra Sāmīte
Member of the Board, Tilde
Located in: Latvia | LinkedIn

"GALA provides its members with business critical services and value, I want to contribute with my unique experience."

María Jesús de Arriba Díaz
Director, Strategic Accounts, Vistatec
Located in: Ireland | LinkedIn

"Two years ago, I committed to serving all the GALA members. Today, I am ready to renew my commitment."

Patrick Nunes
Director, Global Communications & Design, Rotary International
Located in: USA | LinkedIn

"I would be honored to continue serving the board and continue bringing my experiences to advance our association. Thank you!"

Shirley Yeng
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Successglo Pte. Ltd.
Located in: Singapore | LinkedIn

"I always believe in inclusivity and diversity regardless of where we come from, serving to make GALA truly globally accessible."