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Computer-Assisted Translation
Glossary/Terminology Management
Machine Translation
Quality Assessment/Review
Translation Workflow Management Systems

Wordbee is an affordable, full featured translation management system that will enable translation agencies, government institutions, global corporations to handle the complete translation process with just a few clicks.Wordbee offers:

      •    Collaborative translation : crowd and group sourcing, auto scheduling and agenda
      •    Translation Project Management  & Automated workflows: Project setup, auto deadline calculations, translator assignments, versioning and job kick-offs are all automated.
      •    Computer-assisted Translation helps translators work efficiently with multilingual TM’s and advanced terminology databases, spellchecking, auto propagation, auto tag fixing, document preview
      •    SaaS ( software as a service) solution: no servers to install or software to maintain, runs fast in any browser, totally secure in TIER IV datacenter and https connections 
      •    Supplier management: manage internal and external suppliers, pricelists, automate translator assignment and keep records about performance 
      •    Finance management: invoicing, financial reports and business analytics
      •    MT Hive : combines MT and TMs. Via the portal the client runs documents to be pre-translated using the client's TMs; the rest gets pre-translated by a machine translation engine. The buyer can then view the "translated" file and decide whether it should be sent to post-editing or not. Once the file is sent for post-editing, a workflow kicks off and revisers and translators are notified. The project manager doesn’t have to interfere at any moment
      •    QA check: auto detection of recurring errors. The Project Manager can select specific rules for specific projects, manage access rights and chose the languages to which these rules apply.
      •    Translate CMS with Beebox: The Beebox is a solution to easily have CMS or other content translated. It acts as a middleware between a content source and a translation team or translation management system (TMS)

Wordbee offers Team, Freelance and Freelance Entrepreneur versions.

Release Date: 
06 April 2009
$182 / 6 months (Freelance)
$303 / 6 months (Freelance Entrepreneur)
$3500 / 1year (Premium pack)
Multiple User Profiles
Offline Mode
User-Definable Fliters
Versioning and Rollback
Tool Standards Supported: 
ISO 9001
SRX 2.0
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Integrated Help
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