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Virtus Translator

Tool Category: 
Machine Translation

Virtus is a specialized tool designed developed by Ntrepid Corporation for maximum performance on structured data, such as found in spreadsheet and database tables.  The Virtus engine uses statistical machine learning techniques to identify the language and category of each column in a table.  The categories for which Virtus is optimized include names of people, locations and organizations as well as supplemental information such as job title, education level, nationality and religion.  Based on the automatically detected language and category, Virtus recommends a translation strategy suitable to maximize performance on each type of data.

Virtus translation strategies represent an innovation in translation software that provides users unprecedented control over the handling of their structured data.  Virtus strategies range in sophistication from a "do not translate" approach suitable for internet addresses and certain numeric data, to a range of linguistically appropriate translation techniques.  For example, a "transliteration only" strategy might be used for person names, while street addresses would be better handled by keyword translation supplemented by automatic transliteration.  More sophisticated translation strategies are recommended for more linguistically complex categories such as organization names and job titles.  Knowing the category of the data in each column allows not only for intelligent algorithm selection, but also enables more accurate translation of category-specific terminology, including acronym and abbreviation expansion.

The Virtus translation engine can run in fully automatic mode; however, it is also highly customizable, allowing users to specify translation parameters for each column of data, controlling the language, the category, the translation strategy and the transliteration standard on a per-column basis.  Also, recognizing the uniqueness of each user's translation requirements, Virtus provides a custom translation memory (TM) building tool to allow sophisticated users fine-grained control over Virtus Translator's output.

Virtus Translator is available for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Russian and Spanish.  Check us out on the web to see a quick demo and request a free 30-day trial copy.

Release Date: 
01 July 2013
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