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Transifex Translation Management Platform

Transifex puts you in control of the localization process. Automate, manage, translate and collaborate on everything from apps to documentation to subtitles.

Transifex is here to help you easily scale your localization and translation efforts. At the end of the day, we understand that you are looking for an affordable solution that offers quality, efficient translations. We’ve got you covered. Transifex gives you all the tools you need to localize all your digital content, from start to finish. Transifex technology is created with every member of the localization team in mind – from product manager to localization managers and developers. With Transifex, you have an agile, continuously localized, cloud-based translation management platform right at your fingertips.

At Transifex, we are on a mission to help companies to make a difference on a global scale, by breaking down language barriers through affordable and accessible localization technology. Transifex enables companies of all sizes and industries to build multilingual products for users and customers around the world.

Leading brands like Atlassian, Eventbrite, eHarmony, and more, are localizing their products with Transifex. Now, you can join them and begin building your global message. Give Transifex a try with our free 15-day trial, or connect with one of our team members for a personal demo. 

Release Date: 
01 June 2009
Starter: $139 per month
Growth: $369 per month
Advanced: $740 per month
Pro: $1,549 per month
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