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Total Language Platform

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We have developed a cloud based unified platform for all clients to manage your foreign language services. This includes the whole process from receiving requests for services, scheduling, on-site interpretation, Virtual (Video) Remote Interpreting, document translation, accounts payable and receivables, reporting, compliance, quality assurance, training, security, etc. Our innovative team has designed geo-location mapping and notifications to allow clients to know if a resource/vendor is delayed based on current location and traffic conditions. Clients can be updated in real-time if desired. Algorithms manage the data based on requirements, qualifications, service levels, geo-location, cost efficiencies, field ratings, previous work experience, etc. This allows the highest quality, cost effective resources to be deployed with automation and consistency. Confirmations and notifications are built in to provide customers and vendors all required data points to complete the process with limited client involvement. If all systems are approved and in sync, appointment requests can be processed, booked and confirmed without human involvement. Customer specific forms, instructions, and automatic responses are fully integrated within the unified platform to provide each party the details necessary to complete each assignment.

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01 January 2018
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