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TheGlobalizor by Kinetic theTechnologyAgency

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Translation Workflow Management Systems

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency provides Translation Management System Software created specifically for the buyer. We don’t do translations; we offer a vendor-independent system that provides enterprise-wide project management, centralized Translation Memory, and an exclusive vendor ratings system based on cost, turnaround time and word error count. Additionally, our system contains a “1-click” auto-bidding platform, so that you will know the exact cost and which vendor is best rated for the specific language pair before the translation projects are assigned. Finally, there is a new way for the buyer to simplify, facilitate and illuminate your translation process, ensuring on-time delivery at the agreed price with the highest quality. Kinetic theTechnologyAgency’s Translation Management System provides translation quality, reduces time to market and substantially lowers the cost of translations, with full accountability and valuable business intelligence for each step of the translation process. LSP’s are not required to purchase anything, and can receive XLIFF, TMX, or TTX file formats on their end. Training is easy and immediate for your existing staff. Long awaited vendor accountability is now a reality. With Kinetic theTechnologyAgency systems, the buyer is in control!

Release Date: 
01 July 2013
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