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Terminology Extraction

TEXT (Terminology EXtraction Tool) is an online solution and thus can be accessed from just about anywhere. All you need is an Internet browser. This tool offers terminology extraction in the monolingual mode, offering a list of source terms, and in the bilingual mode in which a glossary containing source terms and their counterparts in the target language is generated. All file formats based on the XLIFF and TMX standards are supported, as well as TTX, SDLXLIFF, and both mono- and bilingual DOCX files. Furthermore, monolingual TXT and HTML files can be analyzed. The resulting terminology list or glossary is compiled in a CSV file that can be edited prior to saving. The program also uses the so-called "stop words" list that contains terms to be excluded from the extraction process. It is associated with a particular user and can be freely modified. At the moment, the following languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, German, and Polish. 
TEXT is the first tool on the market that has the capability to accurately recognize the specific morphology of the Polish language.

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11 April 2017
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