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E.g., 07/14/2020

Termcheck 2.0

Tool Category: 
Quality Assessment/Review

Termcheck verifies the accuracy of terminology in TTX, TMX, XLIFF, and TXT (tab-separated) bilingual documents translated from English to inflected languages, with support both for inflections (via a word form database) and for fuzzy matches. Besides, it provides correct processing of both case-sensitive and non-case-sensitive glossaries and recognises plural word forms in the source (English) text. The tool enables the final user to receive easy-to-read terminology QA report listing all mistakes and useful statistics, and ZERO false positives. Major changes of the new version include word forms and fuzzy match rate can be specified for both source and target languages independently; smart capitalization check; extended error reporting. The package includes word form files for English, German and Russian.

Release Date: 
06 October 2014