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tauyou machine translation

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Machine Translation

The machine translation solutions offered by tauyou language technology are best-suited for Language Service Providers and companies with internal translation teams. For a flat rate per month per server, you can create as many domains and language pairs as you like, and translate an unlimited amount of words. The engine is statistical, but we have several proprietary rule-based modules to enchance the quality of the output. We apply advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to make it hybrid. These allow the best use of Big Data, our "Small Data from Big Data" approach leads to improvements above 25% in translation quality with respect to other classical techniques. Our machine translation (MT) solution is web-based and extremely simple to use, with an on-site training of just 30 minutes, the users can get the most out of it. We handle everything, and try to make it as simple as possible. We customize everything for you, even the look & feel, and we try to make integrating MT in your workflow straightforward. We have integration with some CAT tools, and we also provide an API to be connected to any system, even for real time translation. Baseline systems can be provided in domains such as medical, legal, pharma, or IT, although the best results are obtained with high quality translation memories. We have worked in languages such as (but not limited to) Arabic, Brazilian, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, English, Galician, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and many more. Just ask us. We support any localization format.

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15 June 2013
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