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Tool Category: 
Computer-Assisted Translation
Quality Assessment/Review
Terminology Extraction
Translation Workflow Management Systems

ONTRAM is a user-friendly tool currently enjoyed by more than 2,000 users. Thanks to its fully web-based approach, open interfaces and the integration of all project participants within a shared workflow, ONTRAM enables efficient translation management and a market adaptation in real time. Over 100 different file formats and systems can be imported in ONTRAM or linked to the software by means of tailored interfaces. The list of integrated systems is long: By now we have developed over 100 filters for a wide variety of formats, including DTP formats like Adobe InDesign, the entire Office suite, XML, HTML and many more. Content management systems, eLearning systems, authoring systems, databases, PIMs and ERPs manage huge quantities of text. The interfaces provided by ONTRAM allow them to be integrated into an efficient translation process that spans across all systems. The interfaces support the exchange of content data as well as workflow information. The potential savings over traditional translation processes are enormous!

Release Date: 
01 January 2010
5.000 € per year (5 Users)
15.000 € per year (100 Users)
Multiple User Profiles
Offline Mode
Requires Back-End Database
User-Definable Fliters
Tool Standards Supported: 
ITS Rules
SRX Rules
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Integrated Help
Video Training