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Tool Category: 
Computer-Assisted Translation
Glossary/Terminology Management
Machine Translation
Quality Assessment/Review
Translation Workflow Management Systems
Visual and Software Localization

Multilizer is a solution for localization of software, documents and other content. Multilizer Localization Tools are for both enterprises and individuals. They are designed for engineers, developers, translators and localization professionals who want to optimize and get maximum savings out of their localization projects. Multilizer supports the localization of dozens of software and document formats. All localizable information is in a single Multilizer project, simplifying the localization project administration. Multilizer localization tools are compatible with the most common translator tools which makes it easy to re-use any existing translation memories and machine translation.

Release Date: 
27 May 2013
5000 EUR (Premium Package)
2900 EUR (Enterprise)
1290 EUR (Pro for Software)
890 EUR (Pro for Documents)
299 EUR (Limited)
Offline Mode
User-Definable Fliters
Versioning and Rollback
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Integrated Help
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