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memoQ server

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Computer-Assisted Translation
Glossary/Terminology Management
Machine Translation
Quality Assessment/Review
Terminology Extraction

A memoQ server allows translators to work together, to share every single sentence translated, every single term suggested in real time.

Shorten turnaround times. memoQ’s productivity enhancements increase the speed of translation by 20-40% by offering the most advanced server-based collaboration functionality available. Along with real-time sharing of TMs, terminology and translation documents, collaboration is supported by project management and communication functionality. Post Translation Analysis allows the project manager to see how much work was done and leveraged by each translator.

Cut costs through innovation. Eliminate the need for alignment by using memoQ’s on-the-fly alignment, even in server workflows. Align only segments that will be re-used. Base customer invoices on the post-translation analysis, which shows actual work performed rather than just a cost estimate. There is no other tool that can do this, so if you use memoQ, you’re ahead of the competition.

Work with clients and translators using other tools. One of Kilgray’s core principles is that users should not be locked in: memoQ allows you to work with others using competing tools. You can process translation projects from a variety of tools, such as SDL Trados, STAR Transit, SDL Worldserver, Wordfast etc. You can leverage the power of memoQ’s enhanced functionality or collaborative features while processing these, and then send back the translated projects in the original format.

Track new version of translation documents easily. Many Language Service Providers have ongoing projects with constantly changing source materials. In these projects, the source materials are often stored in a content management or version control system. To keep track of each update to source materials, memoQ not only tracks those changes that were implemented in the documents, but also monitors the CMS and assigns changed and new content for translation.

Have full control over translation projects. A translation workflow history can shed light on how efficiently work is done. The AuditTrail in memoQ allows you to track the time spent on translation by storing major and minor versions of the documents, and all details about assignments, reassignments, reimports, etc. Translators can see the reviewer’s changes, and the reviewer can see what translators change back. You can see a complete progress report, or any other historical data.

Devise unique workflows. memoQ is the most flexible tool on the market. You can easily pre- and post-process any file at any stage in XML format. Using the unique concept of views, you can also create new virtual documents from specified segments coming from one or more documents, allowing you to have the repetitions translated first, for example, or to split or join documents.

Cut translators’ training time. You can set up projects for your translators, saving them the effort of project configuration.

Manage licenses. You can issue licenses to your vendors and take back licenses anytime. Vendors can purchase and use their own license to work on your projects, or you can assign them one of your mobile licenses. memoQ servers have no concurrent access restriction and no restriction on the size of your databases.

Use software that translators like. While most translators are reluctant to use server-based translation tools, memoQ is a popular tool among translators, many of whom choose to use it for their own work even when they are not involved in a server project. memoQ has even been awarded “Best translation tool” by the ITI in the UK.

Avoid hidden costs. memoQ’s purchase price includes support, maintenance, and upgrades for a year at no additional charge.

Take care of custom workflows by integrating memoQ with your systems. memoQ provides a full set of documented web service APIs to allow easy integration with your corporate systems.

The memoQ server is available in two editions, the serverFive edition and the enterprise edition.

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04 June 2013
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