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Máni Localization Management Tool

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Translation Workflow Management Systems

Moonbase Design Inc. is a Developer of web-based, collaborative production tools for the video game industry. Moonbase is the vision of Lawrence Sparling, who has been at the forefront of online integrated management systems for the past 17 years. His broad vision and wide skill set give him the unique ability to design intuitive solutions for complex workflows. Lawrence has created online custom tools and information management systems for big game companies such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Vancouver, Capcom, and United Front Games. Coming from these intense work environments, he brings invaluable experience to the creation of a collaborative online management systems for any group or team.

Moonbase’s Máni localization management tool tightly manages the transactions between a development team and third party translators. It scales easily from small mobile games to large console game projects. The workflow is highly collaborative, non-blocking and transparent. With a dashboard of diagnostic tools and reports to monitor progress, a single producer can effectively manage large console projects. The development team always knows exactly the progress already made, and what is left to do. It supports remote connections to allow users from around the globe, to jump in and help out if necessary, to get the job done.

The localization system has a proven track record -- delivering ModNation Racers in 17 languages (for Sony (SCEA) and United Front Games (UFG)), as well as Sleeping Dogs in 7 languages (Square Enix and UFG). Moonbase systems have been in continuous use since 2007 in live, production studio environments of over 100 people in the Vancouver area. 

But its benefits don't apply only to game production. For any localization project that requires a collaborative workflow, managing complex data transactions and effective project management, Máni™ will effectively simplify the process.

Feature’s and benefits in brief:

• Internal oversight of projects

• Thoughtfully designed, intuitive interface

• Transparent workflow

• Unique visual escalation model - project priorities sort themselves and are colour coded.

• Remote access

• Thousands of transactions managed seamlessly

• Always current

• Fully collaborative non-blocking workflow

• Measures and collects data

• utf8 compatible

• Supports text, XML and XLIFF import and export formats to seamlessly mesh with third party CAT tools.

• Maintains a set of debug language translations

• Produces translations reports

• Flags errors quickly

• Powerful search functions

• Connects to source control

• Content creators can choose primary working language

Release Date: 
11 June 2014
Multiple User Profiles
Requires Back-End Database
User-Definable Fliters
Versioning and Rollback
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