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E.g., 07/11/2020

Logrus Recode

Tool Category: 
Computer-Assisted Translation

Recode utility designed to convert arbitrary text files from one encoding standard that is supported by Windows, into a different encoding (ANSI<->UTF8<->JAVA<->UNICODE(UTF16 Little Endian)<->BUNICODE(UTF16 Big Endian)<->UTF32(Little Endian)<->BUTF32(Big Endian)).

In addition to the actual code conversion Logrus Recode allows:

    - Changing the format of the transfer line (EOL).
    - Adding or removing BOM-prefixes.
    - Making a preview of files in the specified encoding.
    - Automatically detecting the encoding of files.

In addition, the program has a number of useful features that make working with it more convenient:

    - Batch code conversion of files with the same encoding.
    - When a poor choice of code conversion is made, there is the possibility of a return to the original file
    - The ability to save custom settings.

Release Date: 
09 February 2012