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E.g., 07/14/2020

LinguistLink Talent Collaboration Platform

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Translation Workflow Management Systems

LinguistLink allows you to collaborate with qualified linguists for a variety of localization tasks. Click here to learn more.

Find a resource

Search linguists by service.
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–Create a project

Set up project details and build a conversation page as a forum for collaborating and exchanging information about a specific project. Assign languages for the project and select qualified linguists. Propose a project to qualified linguists.

–Start a conversation

Start a conversation related to your project or just with individual linguists.
Invite others to join the conversation.
Track the conversation.

–Build a team

The linguists included in a conversation can all see every post.
Linguists can easily collaborate with each other on projects.
I really enjoy being able to communicate directly with the linguists on LinguistLink to help out the team and to get answers or instructions to linguists quickly.  I have great communication with the Mindlink staff, but it is nice to be able to answer a query by a linguist directly and not have to hear about it later in a email, etc.  I get the information immediately, when it is on the linguists mind.
Release Date: 
21 January 2016
Casual - Up to 3 connections/conversations for free*
Pro - Connect to 50 linguists, Project Proposals for 99.99/mo. *
Enterprise - Let's talk about your needs for building a team
* does not include reasonable hourly fees for linguists time.
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