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Tool Category: 
Translation Workflow Management Systems

LIDAX is a business management system for language service providers. A user-friendly interface, simple intuitive structure, online access from anywhere and ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality management support make LIDAX a unique solution for language service providers to organise their business efficiently. The system is available in three different editions designed for the specific needs of freelance language professionals, small and medium-sized language service companies and language service companies with multiple offices.

LIDAX integrates tools for project workflow management, customer relationship management, supplier database administration, invoices and payments administration, data analyses and reports. All features can be optionally adapted and new features developed to the individual needs of your company.

Release Date: 
22 October 2013
EUR 39/year (Freelance)
EUR 2,900 (Small Business)
EUR 4,900 (Enterprise)
Multiple User Profiles
Tool Standards Supported: 
EN 15038 .
ISO 9001
Tool Help: 
Video Training