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E.g., 07/11/2020

LBS Suite

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Glossary/Terminology Management
Quality Assessment/Review
Translation Workflow Management Systems


LBS Suite is a strong Translation Management System (TMS) that will significantly help you to improve your daily workflow. The tool presents a high degree of automation and customization to fit your needs. Furthermore, with its Development Partnership program, our clients are now stakeholders in the directions our software development.

LBS Suite main module allows you to:

  • Manage your business from CRM functionalities to payment management, going through quotes, project management, invoicing…
  • Customize an intuitive interface based on your role (Sales, Project Manager, Accountant, Manager…).
  • Have a clear overview of your team performance.
  • Adapt the TMS to meet your company size and needs.

With LBS Suite, you will enjoy:

  • Automatic folders creation and file saving on your server
  • Customizable widgets with key figures
  • Quick and easy follow up system
  • Flexible, simple and in-depth price calculation customizable depending on your needs
  • Automate supplier assignment with predefined rules.
  • And much more…

Additional modules that will enhance your system:

  • Outlook module: initiate actions in LBS Suite starting from an email, save all emails, download automatically attachments from emails without browsing…
  • CAT tools modules: integration of some CAT tools in LBS Suite allows easier and faster process
  • Quality module: Meet ISO standards by assessing suppliers’ quality, managing your client feedbacks, launching automatic web surveys…
  • KPI module: Key performance indicators helps you tailor and optimize your processes.
  • Clients/Suppliers portals: Time saving, secure and optimize your file transfers between you and your clients/suppliers. Get a better image and communication with your partners. And finally, attract new clients/suppliers.
  • Planning and cost management module: Ergonomic view on the team planning, simple dispatch of your team’s tasks, pre-booking in-house resources while sending quotes, transparent view on the management time and cost of projects…
  • Payment collection module: Create reminder scenarios, client profiles, reminder schedules and send automatically reminders for hundreds of unpaid invoices, taking into account the specific particularities of your clients.


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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Language Business Solutions 

In 2007, LBS met the French market and quickly became the leader with its TMS, LBS Suite. LBS Suite is now a high-performance and professional TMS, gathering all CRM and ERP functions LSP’s need.
Since 2018, LBS started to expand all over the world.


Release Date: 
01 February 2019