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Interpreter Management System (IMS)

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Interpreting Management Systems

Providing interpreters is an integral service provided by many of the hospitals and medical centers. Interpreter scheduling can be a very dynamic and ever-changing process with thousands of bookings which can, in turn, mean thousands of changes.

Language departments do an amazing job, sometimes managing over a 100 different languages. Coordinating this process can be resource intensive and demanding. At times, language service departments have not been equipped with the right tools to manage bookings, predict trends or foresee demands. IMS will simplify the complex task of managing interpreters and their availability.

IMS integrates with patient management systems and some agencies, thus streamlining the entire process. Invoice reconciliation is a very time consuming process. Our Interpreter Management System will save you literally hundreds of hours. Unlimited users and unlimted support.


For further details or for a live demo, take a quick look at our product page at www.primaxis.com.au/ims.

Release Date: 
23 March 2018
Varies depending up the implementation and size. Ask us for pricing.
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