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Quality Assessment/Review
Translation Workflow Management Systems

The review process, particularly in-country review, adds quite a few complexities to the translation process:

  • Reviewers rarely use SDL Trados. Project managers thus have to prepare files for review and enter changes manually after review. This makes a second and often third review necessary.
  • Reviewers often do not have access to terminology or TMs and cannot adhere to defined standards.
  • Particularly for marketing texts reviewers typically want a layout copy to work with.
  • At the same time, the review step has to be integrated into the tools and systems of the standard translation process.
  • Project managers always have to keep track of who made what change and whether all segments have been checked and cross-checked.

globalReview, the revolutionary web-based platform, makes it as easy as pie to review and approve translations done using SDL Trados. 

Workflow in globalReview
The status-based globalReview workflow allows the in-country reviewer, translator and project manager to work together on line.

  • The project manager uploads the files to be reviewed and assigns a reviewer.
  • The reviewer can now make changes or add comments.
  • The project manager can then check the changes made by the reviewer and, if necessary, assign the file to the translator so that they can double-check the changes.
  • The translator can cross-check exactly those segments, which have been changed by the reviewer, and can change the segments again, if this is necessary.
  • The project manager can spot-check the changes made by the translator and, if necessary, send the file to be reviewed again.
  • The project manager can also choose to accept all translator suggestions and close the project.
  • This cycle between translator and reviewer can be repeated as long as you like, or it can be accepted as finished by the project manager.
  • In the end, a final file can be downloaded and loaded into SDL Trados Studio in order to update the TM and generate the final target files.

Features in the Editor
The online editor boasts many features for easy editing:

  • Terminology recognition
  • Search/Replace
  • Filtering on match-rate, error type, text, changes, etc.
  • Precise change tracking with a detailed change log per segment.
  • Locking 100% matches
  • Locking repetitions and autopropagating changes

InDesign Add-On
If the source files were Adobe InDesign, then the reviewer can work directly in an online layout version! When opening a file for review, the reviewer can choose whether to work in table mode or to open the file in the web-based layout mode. All changes done in the layout mode are imported into globalReview.

Quality Matrix
Reviewers can assign customizable error types to all changes. globalReview can then export a complete translation quality matrix according to SAE or LISA QA.

Project Managers
As a project manager you simply upload translated files in globalReview and assign reviewers, translators and deadlines.
Once the review is done, you download the final Trados file. No need to manually insert changes anymore! By having the translators crosscheck all reviewer changes, you also make sure there is a learning curve.
And if you also use the InDesign Add-On, then you can eliminate all DTP processes in the review stage!

As a reviewer your job is to check the projects assigned to you, suggest changes and then flag the projects as "Done".
globalReview gives you many comfort features, such as terminology recognition, change tracking, filtering, search/replace etc.
You can work together with translators in your web browser and agree on the ideal target text without having to learn or install new software

As a translator you simply log on to the web platform to see the reviewer´s changes and make additional adjustments where necessary. You no longer need to enter changes into the the original translation, because the project manager can simply download a final translation file from the portal.

As a result, you always get the reviewer´s feedback and you can conveniently cross-check the reviewer's suggested changes. Maximum translator productivity in the review process!

So, with globalReview you

  • accelerate your translation and review process
  • reduce project management overhead by giving your project managers a platform to simply upload and download Trados files before and after the review process
  • make life easier for your reviewers by having them enter changes - ideally in full layout view - without having to install or learn any fancy software
  • reduce the translators' workload by simply having them crosscheck reviewer changes rather than having to enter them
  • log all changes anyone made to a given segment
  • have a status-based workflow with e-mail notification
  • administer all your project managers, translators and reviewers centrally
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18 July 2013
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