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E.g., 09/22/2020

Across Subcontractor Edition

Tool Category: 
Computer-Assisted Translation
Glossary/Terminology Management
Quality Assessment/Review
Terminology Extraction
Translation Workflow Management Systems
Visual and Software Localization

When your customers request translations, they do not only expect professional quality in as short a time as possible, but often also determine the shared work environment for the exchange of data as a condition for the collaboration. As a language service provider, you are thus often faced with the decision to either reject the order or to invest in an additional, expensive system. To address this issue, Across now offers the Subcontractor Edition, a special edition of the Across Language Server that is tuned to the needs of language Service providers, to enable an inexpensive entry. In this way, you can benefit from the advantages of Across even if you only want to process translations for a single customer. Moreover, the Subcontractor Edition helps you to reduce the administrative overhead of your translation processes in order to operate in a time and cost-saving manner.

Release Date: 
28 November 2014
Multiple User Profiles
Offline Mode
Requires Back-End Database
User-Definable Fliters
Versioning and Rollback
Tool Standards Supported: 
DIN EN 15038
Tool Help: 
Integrated Help