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E.g., 07/14/2020

Across Language Server

Tool Category: 
Computer-Assisted Translation
Glossary/Terminology Management
Quality Assessment/Review
Terminology Extraction
Translation Workflow Management Systems
Visual and Software Localization

Translation Management System (TMS) as a Central Platform In the globalized economy, marketing material, product documents, Web pages, and manuals need to be prepared in ever shorter time periods and in multiple languages. Thus, translation management becomes a great challenge, since every project involves numerous participants from the creation of the source text to the release of a translation. The Across Language Server helps you to make translation processes more efficient, thereby saving time and money. The central platform for all language resources and translation management provides a uniform work environment for everyone involved. The translation memory and the terminology system of Across can be accessed by editors, translators, and correctors alike and ensure consistent texts at all levels. The project and workflow control tools allow customers to always keep track of their projects and see the status and the costs incurred. Since June 2014, our new version 6 is readily available. New v6 features are: • The Across Dashboard shows all relevant project information at a glance • The crossWeb Review Mode facilitates the involvement of international subsidiaries in the review process • The Across Data Cube enables the easy collection of indicators • The Project Management Cockpit for customized queries Brief video presentations of selected functions are available on the YouTube channel of Across (AcrossLanguageServer).

Release Date: 
27 November 2014
Multiple User Profiles
Offline Mode
Plugins Allowed
Requires Back-End Database
User-Definable Fliters
Versioning and Rollback
Tool Standards Supported: 
DIN EN 15038
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