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Quality Assessment/Review

AceProof is a simple and user-friendly translation quality assurance tool.

AceProof supports all popular file formats: DOC(X), RTF, XLS(X), HE (Helium), TMX, TTX, XLF, XLZ, SDLXLIFF, MQXLIFF, MQXLZ.

The tool allows analyzing 5 categories of errors in translated texts:

  • Consistency: differences in the translation of identical source segments.
  • Spaces: whitespace-related errors.
  • Punctuation: punctuation-related errors.
  • Untranslated: untranslated or partially translated segments.
  • Extras: different lengths of source and target segments, different capitalization of the first word in segments.

AceProof is a fully customizable tool.

Summaries of the checks can be exported to XLSX and PDF formats.

Release Date: 
08 March 2018
Personal License - €49
Business License - €199
Enterprise License - €499
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