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ABBYY Lingvo.Pro

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Glossary/Terminology Management

Lingvo.Pro is an easy-to-use, browser-based terminology management solution with comprehensive capabilities for creating, sharing and maintaining corporate multilingual glossaries. Intuitive to use and configurable in minutes, Lingvo.Pro does not require installing any special software. Store, manage, and access your glossaries, Translation Memories, and dictionaries via a centralized repository in the cloud. Linguistic assets are easily shared with all project participants, who can use terminology checks to complete their work with better speed and quality. Powerful, context-sensitive search makes Lingvo.Pro unique. Search uses morphological algorithms to parse word forms and displays terminology results from your translation memories, making the context of the term readily apparent. With Lingvo.Pro you can also benefit from use of world-leading Lingvo industry-specific and general dictionaries in the same application. Integrate and streamline your terminology management workflow with Lingvo.Pro. Configurable access control, with multiple access levels and various user roles along with a customizable glossary structure, makes it quick and convenient to perform terminology maintenance. The application also allows collecting feedback, reviewing, confirming, and viewing the history of your term entries. Built on a scalable, robust architecture with third-party integration capabilities, Lingvo.Pro helps language professionals to do their jobs better.

Release Date: 
01 June 2013
Free Beta-version until end of 2013
Multiple User Profiles
User-Definable Fliters
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