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E.g., 07/11/2020

Localization User Groups


International Multilingual User Group (IMUG)

Silicon Valley, California, USA

IMUG has been a forum for GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation) professionals and language technology users since 1987. They meet regularly in Silicon Valley.



Portland Localization User Group (PLUG)

Portland, Oregon, USA

The Portland Localization User Group is a community-driven forum made for not only localization and translation personnel, but for all professionals involved with responsibilities that ensure the global success on behalf of their organization. We aim to share best practices with regard to multilingual strategies that affect how content is successfully distributed across their enterprise, both internally and externally. We look forward to connecting with you at our quarterly events.



Seattle Localization User Group (SLUG)

Seattle, Washington, USA

The Seattle Localization Users Group (SLUG) is a forum for localization professionals in the Seattle area. They welcome all professionals that have a role in localization or globalization: translators, interpreters, localization project managers, software developers, technical writers, localization software engineers, internationalization architects, international business people and other professionals and academics with an interest in localization. Meet-ups will be arranged quarterly.



Vancouver Globalization and Localization Users Group (VANGlug)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver Globalization and Localization Users Group (VanGLUG) is a face-to-face networking venue in the Lower Mainland around Vancouver, Canada. We embrace the larger discipline of technology internationalization, multilingual work, localization, globalization, and translation, for software, films, and games. Both practitioners of the above disciplines, and non-practitioners, are welcome. We aspire to events monthly, plus outreach presentations to related groups. (Previously named "IMLIG 1-604".)


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