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E.g., 07/13/2020

Leveraging the Power of Interpreting Management Technology

Wednesday, 27 March, 2019 - 10:30

Managing scheduled interpreting jobs can be a daunting task for buyers of language services and their suppliers. This panel of specialists will discuss interpreting management systems (IMSes) used to manage scheduled interpreting jobs – whether in person or remote. They will cover issues such as whether to build or buy a solution and the impact of automation on the job of traffic coordinators. This session will provide practical insights to organizations that seek to leverage technology to simplify job coordination or to future-proof their existing systems.

think! Interpreting, Interactive Panel

Gautam Chandna, TikkTalk

CEO & Co-Founder of TikkTalk, an open marketplace for language services

Conor Power, Interpreter Intelligence

Conor Power is the CEO of Interpreter Intelligence, a software company providing the leading platform for organizations that provide language services to manage their end-to-end interpreting services; including on-site, video remote and over the phone interpreting.

A graduate of Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, Conor has over 20 years experience in the software industry and has been leading Interpreter Intelligence since 2011, with offices in San Francisco, USA and Dublin, Ireland serving North American and European customers alike.

Elisabeth Da Silva, Semantix

I'm Head of Interpreting Services at Semantix which is the largest Language Service provider company in Scandinavia. We provide almost 700,000 interpreting orders per year.

I live close to Stockholm, Sweden.