Spanish Translation Motivates Nearly a Billion Consumers for the 21 Spanish-Speaking Countries

Realizing the goal of building a successful global business in this current marketplace, which is populated with new start-ups of small and medium size, in numbers like 627,000 in the United States alone, could be considered daunting.  However, Spanish Translation Services are a bridge to achieve such an ambition.    

Many businesses are passionate about sustainable consumption, others have a brand or service that they wish to offer that improves lives, or that adapts to the consumers constantly changing lifestyle.  Whatever the product, business to business offering, or service might be, reaching an enormous number of consumers is the goal.  However, “if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”  Not if it cannot be witnessed and understood. 

If the target consumer for your business, service or overarching product, speaks a language other than English, your tree just fell, and a billion Spanish consumers saw and heard nothing.

Reaching the Spanish Consumer with Spanish Translation Services

Every market is different, with its own unique needs and expectations. Due to today’s globalization, and the availability of every kind of product and service, consumers tastes are beginning to converge, and yet every marketplace has its unique needs and expectations.   When connecting with Spanish speaking consumers, their driving motivation is often stimulated by a need to know “why” they should purchase a service or product.   This video is an example of how a well-known brand reached this billion-member, 21 country-wide, consumer group.  However, it is hard, if not impossible, to convey the “why” without Spanish translation services

Know Your Target Audience – And How to Communicate with Them

The growth of the Spanish speaking population, within the United States, and in the 21 countries around the globe, is phenomenal.  Their language is more widely spoken, than any other language except for English and Mandarin.  Nearly 500,000 million people speak Spanish. What businesses need to understand about the Spanish language is that it is very complex.  Many English words have no Spanish equivalent.  All of the necessary linguistic nuances that are present in the Spanish language, must be embraced in any accurate translation, which is why finding a Spanish translation service is imperative in bringing accuracy and localization to the translation. It is imperative to avoid offending the audience, or their language culture.  A

Content, advertisements, brochures, leaflets, and product information cannot easily be literally converted from English to Spanish without blurring the meaning, or causing confusion,  unless a skilled, human, and possibly a “native” speaking translator is working to make the words precise and accurate for the target audience.  Spanish speaking consumers love brands that contain healthy ingredients, are kind to the environment and offer an answer as to why the goods and services, or a B2B offering is desirable. They require motivation.

Tapping into the Explosive Exponential Growth of Spanish Markets – Ka-Ching

In 2019, the Hispanic population in the United States reached 59.9 million. In disposable income this equates to an enthusiastic buying power of 1.7 trillion.  These engaging, under age 30, consumers, have embraced the ability to purchase flavorful foods, beauty and personal care products, the latest technology, including computers, phones, satellite music,  home décor, pet care products, and many other items which have flooded the market.  

Walmart and L’Oréal noted the potential for profit and hired translators to assist in offering products specifically designed for these consumers. In each instance, the Spanish content outperformed English by 28%.  The bottom line here reveals that Spanish people, a diverse group which includes Mexican and Cuban Hispanics, Latinos, Argentinians, and many more, is willing to spend.

The scarcity of well-designed Spanish language websites, creates a gap or huge consumer need which your business can fill, by designing  a customized domain, offering users the ability to toggle between languages, to find products and services which are relevant, and culturally on point to motivate multi-generational purchasing. All of this requires robust Spanish translation services not only web translation but product, service and creative Spanish translation services that convey your critical value props in their natural language

Two Critical Components for Ensuring Powerful Consumer Engagement

First, there is no “one size fits all” in appealing to the diverse numbers of Spanish speaking people.  Neither the English, nor the Spanish language is precise.  Both have slang, colloquialisms, and phrases which are not easily translated to keep the same definition in another language.

Obtaining the skills of a highly skilled Spanish translation service provider, who can craft and “trans-create” content which connects to the passions and emotions of your Spanish consumers, without word-for-word direct translation is vital to your success.  It can be done, and its effectiveness is significant, in stimulating powerful engagement resulting in high volume sales.

Secondly, contemplate the use of a strong mobile marketing and advertising campaign, one that is stimulating and culturally engaging for your young Spanish speaking target group, incorporating their tremendous love for smartphones, music, and sports.

To truly engage, excellent Spanish translation services, coupled with respect for their passions and interests, and ultimately, providing the products, B2B offerings and services they desire, are the necessary components for motivating and engaging long lasting business success in this untapped, billion consumer market.