This Quarter at GALA: Q1 2022

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If you’re like me, you had plenty of reasons to celebrate the end of 2021, which means that 2022 looks even more promising. I’m an eternal optimist and I have an irritating habit of seeing the bright side. So, here at the helm of the world’s greatest language industry association, I’m hopeful, confident, and enthusiastic about the year ahead.

January means annual goals, and membership renewals, and surveys – lots of surveys. Our quarterly benchmarking Pulse Survey closed last Friday. We love to hear from you about how business is going, and it allows us to make meaningful comparisons over time. We’re also promoting the European Language Industry Survey, a collaboration between several language industry organizations that looks at key benchmarking data across Europe. That’s open until 31 January. And finally, our very favorite, super-helpful-and-informative GALA Member Survey is open now. I am hereby personally appealing to all GALA members to take the survey and share important feedback with us. Please and thank you!

Our excellent webinar series resumes this week with an impassioned plea by Serge Gladkoff (Logrus Global) to kill the hype around AI and focus on the reality, which is still very cool. Special Interest Group meetings also resume with the Client SIG Unconference (tomorrow!) and MTPE Training SIG in week 4. Membership Office Hours with Alicia kick off next month. If you want to learn how to get more out of GALA membership (or why you should become a member), sign up. You’ll probably meet some cool people and it’s only 30 minutes.

In February, we’ll launch a new program, GALA Academy, with our first series: Sales in a Connected World, led by Nancy Hähnel. The four-part series will address selling with a digital mindset and will look at the convergence of sales, marketing, and service. Each 90-minute session over 4 weeks will address a different component including content, customer experience, and digital marketing.

Looking ahead to late-April (I know, that’s officially next quarter, but registration is opening soon), we have our long-awaited, much-anticipated return to in-person GALA conferencing at GALA 2022 San Diego. We can’t wait to see you all in person (at least the top half of your faces) and get Back to Business networking and solving the industry’s greatest challenges together. For those unable or unwilling to come in person, don’t worry, we’ll have an online option. And for non-members, we’ll have a great promo to entice you to join GALA.

Also in April, and all year long really, we’ll be celebrating GALA’s 20th birthday. We have a lot to reflect on, a lot to be proud of, and so many people to be grateful for, and we plan to spend most of the year doing just that – celebrating this amazing community of inspired professionals that is GALA.

Wishing you a terrific start to the year,


P.S. A blog just isn’t enough space to tell you about all that’s going on! Read or watch our latest GALA Champion interviews with Wafaa Mohiy (General Manager Egypt Office at Saudisoft),  Dave Bryant (CEO at DotSub), Anu Carnegie-Brown (Managing Director of Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd), and Naomi Bowman (CEO at DS-Interpretation). Check for new articles each week in the Knowledge Center, and browse the events calendar for other useful ways to spend an hour.

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