New and Essential Skills for a Localization Career (2)

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What are the essential skills that are still needed in the translation and localization industry? And what are the new skills that should be included in a translation/localization curriculum?
Diego Cresceri, CEO and Founder of Creative Words.

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"This is really close to my heart, not only in terms of talent gap, but also in terms of who should be filling that gap. Talking about the basic skills that in my opinion are really needed, I would like to start listing something that might sound trivial, but it's actually not: A perfect knowledge of the target language. By that, I mean that you should really understand the nuances of the language in questions, which, as we all know, is something really live and ever-changing. This means also to have a deep knowledge of the terminology of the topic you need to translate. Of course you'll also need technical skills: you need to understand how CAT tools work as well as translation & terminology management systems.

If we talk about the new skills needed in our industry, i would start with machine translation post-editing, which is, you know, not really new, but should not be taken for granted, as well as the ability to train an engine and to provide feedback to improve it, for instance. I would also add a basic knowledge of the way you can automate processes.

Of course, digital skills are really important. For instance, online selling, social selling, using a mix of marketing techniques, everything that is necessary to get a good positioning on the market."

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