Inspiration from the GALA Archive: Forging a Career in Localization

"Inspiration from the GALA Archive" is a (loosely) biweekly blog post where the GALA Team presents a collection of articles, blog posts, and video recordings on a specific theme.

Today: Forging a Career in Localization.

Managing Your Localization Career -- Let's start with a webinar that offers a high-level overview of the localization industry employment landscape with specific information about job types and typical career paths people take. This presentation is most relevant for people in the earlier stages of their careers who are trying to clarify the role and overall career path best suited for them. Complement this recording with a series of eight articles on the various localization roles.

For more inspiration, we invite you to read Global Career Roadmap, a series of articles that spotlight eight professionals in the localization industry who have advanced in their careers. The stories illustrate how the small decisions we make along the way, like deciding to learn a language, study abroad, pursue an internship, or learn a new skill can have big impacts on our professional development. 

A Translator’s Perspective of the Subtitling Industry Over the Past 15 Years is a story where much like translating subtitles for a movie, you may experience a wide range of emotions. 

Finally, Building Your Localization Career: Three localization professionals discuss how they got their first break and what they learned in their initial jobs that enabled them to move into new positions. 

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