GALA Establishing New Dues Structure in 2023

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For the past year, GALA leadership has been evaluating the association’s dues structure. We collected data and insight from our annual member survey, we conducted focus groups with a diverse group of GALA members, and both the Finance Committee and the GALA Board have tackled the challenge as well. We have considered approaches based on benefits, user seats, region, headcount, and other factors.

Associations charge dues so that members make an equitable contribution to the survival and growth of the organization. Calculating the actual cost of membership is complex. We must ensure that members are neither paying too much nor too little to support the association’s portfolio of products and services and we must establish a so-called equity factor, where members contribute an appropriate amount for the benefits they receive.

In January 2023, we will be introducing a new model which we believe is fair and equitable to all members. It will be based on self-reported company (or department) revenues* and will be divided into four tiers:

Tier Revenue/Budget Range Dues (USD)
Tier 1 Under $1 million $1,150
Tier 2 $1 million - $4.9 million $1,400
Tier 3 $5 million - $9.9 million $1,950
Tier 4 Over $10 million $2,850

For nearly a quarter of GALA members, the cost of membership will decrease. For just over a third, dues will increase by 12%. And for about 21% of members, dues will increase by a larger margin. It is not only “the ability to pay” that influenced our approach but also money for value.

What is the value of a GALA membership? Certainly, there are tangible, measurable benefits to GALA membership. A 20-30% discount on all event registrations, advertising, and exhibits. A robust professional development portfolio that your whole staff can use. (Please tell me where else you can find such a diversity of professional development opportunities – for your entire team – for such a low price.) And loads of free visibility opportunities that would cost a lot elsewhere.

And what about the immeasurable benefits like an expanded professional network, the ability to contribute to industry development through SIGs, committees, and content, or immediate connection to an engaged professional community ready to share ideas and knowledge?

It remains true that membership in GALA is one of the smartest investments that you can make in your company and in your team.

With our new tiered approach, we’ll ensure that fairness and equity remain core values at GALA. We aim to make GALA membership accessible to the smallest companies and to continue delivering scalable value to the biggest players.

We hope you appreciate the care and logic that went into this restructuring, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations years to come. Please reach out with any questions: [email protected]

* Language services and technology companies’ dues are based on annual revenue. For internal localization departments at client companies, the dues are based on annual department budget.