GALA Champion Marcus Danei

In this series of interviews, GALA members share their insights on the pursuit of globalization & localization brilliance. Today’s GALA Champion is:

Marcus Danei, Product Manager Language Technologies at SAP

headshot of GALA Champion Marcus Danei, Product Manager, Language technologies at SAP

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What’s in a Job Title

I try to support every initiative and investment case that helps to position intelligent business process automation and multilinguality as a condition sine qua non in business software development

Starting out

While at Berlitz GlobalNet Sindelfingen, I was in a role with responsibility for intracompany business, automotive and manufacturing, which gave me the opportunity to participate in my first conferences (tekom).

Where GALA Fits In

I was working in SAP’s localization business partner management team, where we followed a strategy of working with single language vendors rather than the bigger one-stop-shop agencies. GALA was THE place to exchange with our partners, learn from them and expand SAP’s business partner network. And I love the yearly conference – it’s such a great place to meet people and get new insights!

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I was very proud that we managed to get the localization topic into the spotlight when the SAP Translation Hub was included in SAP’s CEO keynote at TechEd in Las Vegas. I’m equally very proud that we’ve proven that the process-driven approach for application development works in practice – our implementation for the complex business process architecture in SAP’s language production was the first to do so on a large scale!

Career-building Tips

I’ve always been driven by my curiosity and passion, that’s been my guiding light more than any piece of advice.

Networking Tips & Techniques

Be authentic.

My Brilliant Second Career

If I didn't work in the language industry (and money wasn't a factor), I think I’d start by traveling the world and trying to experience and learn from as many different cultures as possible

Life Beyond Localization

I love to play the guitar in my spare time, particularly old hippy rock – though sadly the hairstyle to match is out of my reach these days!

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